Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trip to South Africa

I have a very good reason for not adding any cards over the past two weeks.  We have just returned from a wonderful trip to South Africa.  We had several goals - to visit a seminary for which we provide some support; to see a lot of animals; and to learn more about the history and the people of this part of the world.  This is not a travel blog, but I want to include a few photos.  Check my other links to see more!  In the photo above, hubby and I are petting a four month old lion cub - not scary at all.

There were about 40 elephants in this group.  Each zebra is unique - no two have the same stripes.
That 5 year old elephant challenged our van - came within about 10 feet - was finally persuaded to leave.
Our group leader persuaded me to hold this albino python..  Did I really do that???  The giraffe obviously believes the leaves are better on the far side of the tree!


Super Jen said...

Dorothy, these are fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing. I am impressed that you let that snake around your neck. Not many would even touch it but I think it's cool!

Valerie Mendenhall said...

I could not hold a snake, let alone a big one like that - you are so brave! Ick ick ick! Now petting a baby lion cub, that sounds cute! My dream someday is to see the panda nursery in China and get to touch one.