Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crafting in our motor home

I intended to add a card that I uploaded to my SCS gallery yesterday, but I had a computer glitch before I could do that.  I did not lose any files, but they are reorganized!  I am so un-savvy that I cannot figure out how to upload a file if it is not in the usual spot. 
I have also had a couple of requests to show a photo of my RV work space, so there it is!
Hubby could not back up any more to get a more general view LOL!!  First of all, a disclaimer - rarely is that much of our table visible.   This is of course our dining space - as long as there is room for his plate my husband is fine with this.  Some things have to be as they are.  We have to have the computer in the corner so we can use the external antenna to boost the power for Verizon.  The printer (and lots more) is under the table - which is attached to the counter.  The windows , counter, and small cupboards beneath are part of the slide out.  There are additional cupboards over head, with a pack of cs and other non-crafting papers.  It does not work well to have supplies I need often in the cubbies.  You can see one of the plastic carts - I have two right there.  Often used stamps, ink, CB and Nesties, Wish RAK images, embellishments and ribbon pretty much fill those drawers.  Just at the end of the table on the floor is a plastic "crate" with my summer supply of cs - it will hold 12x12 as well as smaller.  Other cupboards across the way, and forward, have other supplies.  I keep another tote bag filled with stamps in our bedroom.  Whew! 
When I started this hobby I figured it was safe for an rver - after all, I just needed a few stamps, some CS, and not many other items.  Then, I discovered SCS and other stamping places - need I say more?   Oh, yes.  My Cuttlebug protests a lot every time I use it, so I also have a Vagabond.  It is more problematic - it will sit on the plastic card, but the cord is SO short...  I like it, but I need to figure out something.  There is quite a tangle of cords hidden somewhat under the table and behind the printer - there is only one outlet on this side of the motor home. 
Really, this is all pretty comfortable - and you can tell, we are often blessed with great views.  The fridge and microwave are a couple of steps away, and I am facing the tv.  Hubby gets the couch which makes him happy. 


Super Jen said...

Dorothy, you make my set up sound heavenly by comparison!

Smiles, Laurie said...

Looking forward to seeing the card...I guess I could head over the SCS too! I love your story...