Friday, May 18, 2012

Silver and Royal graduation

This is for the first invitation we received this year - it is out of town so there are no thoughts of attending - but it would be nice to have more than one week's notice!  I try to personalize graduation cards - it is convenient to be able to find out school colors, etc. on line.  The hat is cut from his return address sticker - ultimate recycling! I liked this sketch to allow more of the embossed piece to remain visible - but I was a bit stymied to keep the strips to a minimum, and also masculine.  The center is ribbon (from a clearance holiday set at M's), the rest is from a set of stickers by Anita.  The left is an actual sticker, and the right is a tiny strip of the "negative" - I must admit, I am happy with the result.  The sentiment is one I bought long ago (e-bay?) and I wonder if it is a very old SU stamp - no wood base.


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